IC3 entre Condeixa e Coimbra Suspenso

O início da construção do IC3 entre Condeixa e Coimbra vai ser adiado indefinidamente. Este trecho, que faz parte da Concessão do Pinhal Interior iria ser construído pelo consórcio liderado pel Mota-Engil e BES. A construção e manutenção do trecho do IC3, que seria concessionado por 40 anos, teria uma extensão de 26 km e um custo de global 570 milhões de euros.
A concessionária Ascendi, responsável pela gestão e manutenção da troço, sofre assim mais uma pesada perda no conjunto de vias sob sua responsabilidade.
Esta é mais uma medida de corte de investimento, por parte do Governo, com o objectivo de reduzir a despesa.


  1. We Know:1.According to a study published in the weekly Expresso in 23/01/2011, in most of the highways built in recent years in Portugal, the estimated number of vehicles in the different projects to move in cruise years was very overvalued.
    In this respect the Eurostat, the European statistics office, believes that Portugal is one of the European countries with more motorways per capita and geographic density, and it is also public and important that the highways to the north, A11, A7, A24, to the center, A14, A17 and to the south, A10, A15, A13 and A6, and many road sections of these and of many others, which show average traffic below international standards and norms in the 2000 Road Plan itself.
    2. As a result of this overvaluation in 2010 the Portuguese government compensation to Ascendi, which justified amending country budget, exceeded 500 million euros.
    In fact about this issue, in 18/10/2010, the current Minister of Economy, as an thoughtful Portuguese and distinguished professor in Canada wrote in his blog “Desmitos”
    “Do you know that more than half of projected revenues to increase in VAT go straight into the bank account of a private company? Do you know that the transfers to this company accounts are more than half of the savings collected by cutting the salaries of civil servants? “And he wrote more to the disadvantage of Ascendi.
    3.Our President of the Republic has said “in Portugal it is still confused cost with benefit. A road is all costs. The benefit is the traffic that will pass it. If there is no traffic the benefit is zero. ”
    4.The former President of BRISA in an interview published in the Book of Economics of journal Expresso has announced the 27/11/2010:
    “The set of roads we have today is enough to serve the country. You will probably need some investment in improving some of these roads. ”
    5.. The President of BPI, as published in Público / Economia the 20/10/2010, announced the following in a colloquium about public debt held in Portuguese Parliament, “all that is necessary to postpone, I would recommend it to be postponed, even if it meant the renegotiation of contracts, and in some cases to stop the works ”
    He considered shocking in the context in which the world has lived since 2007 that the Portuguese government decided to award the works in this dimension, highlighting the case of the TGV and motorway. “Obviously, the most shocking case was the sub-concession motorways Pinhal Interior, I do not even know how to describe it,” he criticized.
    6.In the last two decades have been recorded in the counties of Lousã, Vila Nova de Poiares and Miranda do Corvo, especially in Lousã, high levels of consumption and quality of life, and it has been remarkable the growth in the number of residents, a two-digit percentage as known and confirmed by the 2011 census;
    It seems reasonable to conclude that the connection to Coimbra by the EN17, where in the last 20 years were spent millions of Euros, has not prevented the growth at rates much higher than the ones found in other counties and cities with closer highways;
    7,It is planned for 2013, 10,979 vehicles in the South Node Coimbra, 10,198 in the junction IP3/IC2, 8480 at the junction to IP3 and 7046 in Brasfemes node and additions in 2022 in some nodes at rates exceeding 70% and in 2032 to more than 160%.
    8..These numbers are scary, in the current economic and financial situation of the Portuguese and perspective of evolution for the next 20 years, with the objectives in view and the benefit of some at the expense of the Portuguese taxpayers and future generations, there is someone who in the current context and looking at the deviations proven in other motorways, assumes the predicted traffic.
    9. And more e more

    Por jonas pay | 11 de Setembro de 2011, 13:05
    • It is a fact that also this IC3 is certainly overvalued. The construction of these useless motorways is not only the fault of the central government but is also a consequency of the enormous pression from the local mayors.

      Por Ma-Ry | 27 de Setembro de 2011, 14:42

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